Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bad Karma????

Not exactly sure what I've done of late to bring on this string of 'issues' but we're clearly experiencing bad karma this weekend!!!

The hand aches something fierce especially in the evenings....okay so I 'get' that as I'm not the most compliant patient but....

we had this string of storms that's just battering us!!!! I'm writing this on Auntie Peggy's computer because the lightening AND FLOODING have knocked out our phone and internet!!!! I took pics of the flooding which I'll throw up once our service is restored. In the meantime we're home helping the neighbors bail out all our basements.......


  1. ugh. some pretty bad storms here but not enough to cause damage or flooding. I hope you recover soon.

  2. I"m pretty sure bailing out a basement is not on your list of things you can do!!!!