Thursday, July 22, 2010

Learning to be ambidextrous!

36 hours post op and I'm off the pain meds!!! Not that I'm pain-free but it's just too painFUL to try and open the childproof cap....dearest Patrick wasn't thinking ahead when he picked up the RX. Just as well as they wreck my stomach so time to move to Ibuprophen.
Besides the obvious personal hygiene challenges, I have discovered many other daily challenges when the dominant hand is out of commission! Diet Coke cans, potato peelers, TV remotes, keyboard and mouse all need to be reprogrammed for left hand usage for the next couple of weeks. Camera....well that kind of reminds me of the old joke about the patient asking if he'd be able to play the piano after his surgery?!?!

Very low key day with Julia off at day camp, Patrick back to work, and Mari sleeping off her reporter/nursing duties....I saw an awful lot of TV today (: 

Tomorrow will be more action packed as I've been 'cleared' to shower as long as I promise to plastic wrap the right arm. Seriously considering calling the salon to have them do the hair as my left hand is decidedly unpracticed in that department!!! Oh to be ambidextrous!!!

BTW, fingers pink and tingling so artery resection appears to have been a complete success!!!! I looooove my hand surgeon. He is the same one that reattached Patrick's severed finger and now approaches sainthood in my books. The anesthesiologist too as this was the very first time I've every made it through the recovery room without non-stop nausea!

Man! A two year old would have been able to type this faster than I just did!!!!


  1. hang in there. glad to hear the surgery was a success . Patrick's finger had to be reattached??????? ugh.

  2. Glad to hear you're recovering well.

  3. I"m very impressed with your typing, I mean you know how badly I type. Yea I remember breaking my middle finger on my left hand foxhunting, writing right handed ended up being better then having my mom help with homework my grades were starting to go downhill.