Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh, and one more thing....

Just had to to show you one more series of pictures from the 4th of July!!!

It was HOT for our 4th this year so when Auntie Peggy spotted a small notice in the paper that the local ice rink was having a TOTALLY FREE open skate on the actual 4th of July it sounded like a great way to have fun AND be cool.

We had on red/white & blue.....

jackets!!!! Well, that is Julia and I wore jackets while the resident skate coach...

only wore jeans to humor us! He was fully prepared to wear his shorts but we talked him out of it and he was sure to point out all the other skaters who showed up in their shorts!

He is so good with helping Julia learn to skate!

He had her confident enough to take off on her own in no time!

Then I had this brilliant idea to see if I could still navigate the ice?!?!?

This is pretty much what I saw......

when this inevitably happened!!!!! My knee is still sore!! Next time I leave it to the smaller and more flexible bodies to enjoy!

Only in America can you spend a 90+ degree 4th of July ICE SKATING (:


  1. wonderful. good for you for geting out there -- it's like riding a bike isn't it? you never forget how? what a great idea for the fourth!

  2. Ouch! That would be me too. Smack dab on the ice! LIke Gardenia said, it's like riding a bike but now we go down harder and get up the same way! =)
    Fun way to spend the Fourth for sure and it looks like you had the rink to yourselves.