Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Tradition....Intermission (3rd post in 1 day!!!!!)

Missed me?

So Mari scored some extra computer time. I had finished a sample outfit and needed to snag Deirdre for a photo shoot before she left for a big dance competition in the Dells. We headed over the Auntie Peggy's garden and took these....

I need to do a bit of photo editing before I can get this outfit up on Etsy but I hope to have it up later tonight.

But as we were getting ready to leave, Julia and Deirdre decided to get a drink from Peggy's sprinkler....

and one thing led to another......

it's just been so darn hot around here that any way to cool off will do!!! 

Even if it means you have to squeeze out your shirt before you're allowed in the car for the ride back home!


  1. haha. girls do the silliest d=funnest things. and I love the outfit!! you re so talented.

  2. Cute outfit! We've been cooling off the same way around here!

  3. I gave you an award today. Stop on by.