Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Tradition....part 2

Well Mari and I have worked out a system!! I do a post and then she gets it for the same amount of minutes it takes me to post before relinquishing the computer back to me for the next post. Seems to be working....

Shortly after the Family Picnic my Dad likes to high tail it back to Florida. Like as shortly after as possible!!! So to make sure we keep a tradition alive we made the hour long trek to the south side of Chicago to indulge in our annual ice cream pilgrimage. The ice cream on our last night together is a fairly 'new' tradition instituted on our spring break trips down to see Grandpa in Sarasota but the annual pilgrimage to 93rd and Western is at least 50 years old!!!!!

This is such a happy tradition that even my mercurial child is 'all in'!!!! Even though it was the chilliest night we've had so far this summer we were not to be deterred!!!

We snatched Auntie Peggy right out of work to join us!!! 

Guilty!! I do love my Rainbow Cone!!!!!

And the kids????

Now after going through the pictures I notice that Julia seems to be absent...she was most assuredly present but grabbed her cone and ran for the car! In one of those typical childhood moves she had decided that Mom was crazy for recommending a sweatshirt and the combination of tank top, ice cream, and chilly winds proved to much for her! (If you look real close at the shot of me you'll find her in the shadows!!)

Good bye Grandpa!! Safe travels and keep the light on...we will be down by hook or by crook!!


  1. great smiles. wonderful tradition. an ice cream pilgrimage, so cool.

  2. Yummy! You, Aunt Peggy and the kids always have so much fun!