Wednesday, July 21, 2010

News Report

This is Mari and today was my mom's surgery. She had to wake up early this morning to get to the hospital. Good thing it was because she was getting cranky from lack of Diet Coke!!! My mom's usually the driver so it was REALLY hard for her to let my dad drive. 

I wasn't there when she got home (i don't have a picture) but my dad told me she went straight to bed. After she slept for a while she moved to the couch and started talking w/ my Grandma on the phone to tell her how it went.

 Here is her hand out of the sling; 

Then this is the card my sister made for her.

FYI the pathologist still needs to look at the tumor but the surgeon says that it looked harmless to him. Oh except that it had crushed one of her arteries but he fixed that by cutting out the bad part and re-attaching the ends of the artery. This has been Mari w/ your News Report. Over and Out.


  1. Thanks for the update Mari!!!
    I'm glad your Mom is doing okay!
    ((hugs to Mom))

  2. Mari, that's for letting us know. we are keeping your mom in our prayers.

  3. Thanks Mari! awesoem juob news reporting with pictures as well. Get well soon hand!