Thursday, March 10, 2011

Confirmation Time

As we head into Lent I think it appropriate to jump this post ahead of a few others waiting. On Monday night two more of the cousins embraced their adult role in the church!

Mairead Eileen had my first cousin Eileen as her sponsor and took Caoimhe as her confirmation name. Caoimhe, not one of the top 10 saint's names for sure! As a matter of fact, Cecilia was the clear 'winner' in this years confirmation name choice for girls in our parish. Mairead decided to keep with the 'theme' of having names taken from the Irish language. Why, when she has spent her whole life explaining how to pronounce her first name??  She's that thoughtful of a girl, that's why!! Caoimhe is pronounce kee-vee...just like it's spelled, right (:  So Mairead [Irish for Margaret and pronounced like 'parade' but with an M] shared her confirmation with......

Andrew McAllister who had Uncle Peter as his sponsor and took....PETER as his confirmation name! The Drewster was leaning toward the current trend of just reaffirming you baptism name but had an 'a hah' moment when it came time to select a sponsor and decided it was his honor to share a name with THE favorite uncle in the family (:

I'm a little less than inspired to prose tonight. Thought I'd let the pictures speak for themselves....

Mari felt a little left out as she is one of the '97 triplets but her December birthday puts her a grade behind Andrew and Mairead so she came to check out what she's in for next year!

The godparents there for him at another sacrament of initiation!!

 Playing with my camera while waiting for the festivities to not know why some of the above are looking out of focus here on Blogger?!?!? They aren't like that in my photo album on my PC. Have had a frustrating week trying to re-sync all my old and new computer files so I guess I've got to go trouble shoot another problem now!


  1. poor girl I've been saying her name wrong, or reading her name wrong this whole time as well, maight as well choose a name that know one will know. Be different she's already used to having to repronounce her name anyway.

  2. Congratulations to Mairead and Andrew on becoming true soldiers for Christ!