Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow...

Ahhh, spring break in Florida...the Sunshine State...the mecca for winter weary Northerners seeking respite from down parkas and Vitamin D deficiencies!

Ummm, not so much!!!!!!! Remember in a recent post how I mentioned our lack of luck? You know the "never even match a number on a lottery ticket" kind of bad luck???

We did make it to the beach EVERY day so far...the sun didn't but we sure aren't letting that old party pooper ruin our precious few days of spring break! In all honesty the sun has peeked out from behind the clouds a couple of times BUT then it saw the Mahoney family was still there and it went back in hiding!

We Mahoneys are a tough bunch though! Where there are 80 degree temperatures there we are, so off to the beach we go EVERY day (:

We have the routine down with every member carrying out his or her assigned duties like a well oiled machine! Patrick is in charge of producing shade for the Irish skinned members while the kids are in charge of chair set up and towel distribution. Auntie Peggy and I handle food and sunscreen duties.

We've done a LOT of reading!

And with 75 degree gulf water we have done a TON of swimming!!!

Boogie boards and piggy back rides through the gulf surf seemed like they were going to be the highlight of our days at the beach this vacation....until today!!

Until Mother Nature gave us one of her best shows ever!!!! Can you see it????

Today we swam with WILD DOLPHINS!!!!! I mean I was speechless for once in my life. This is just the kind of special memory we hope to give the children when we make trips like this together! We will be talking about today for YEARS to come!

But just like clockwork the beautiful day became...


So we washed off the sand and gathered up Grandpa...
So I could celebrate yet another birthday!!

Doesn't every girl deserve a tropical drink and dinner out with those she loves on her big day??
[Man I cannot deny being his daughter can I? When did I start looking so much like him???]

There is more rain in the forecast, of course! But we plan on having more fun in the water...

and Alyssa will spend another morning lathering on sunscreen as she whines,
"I want a  do-over! I wish I was born in Guatemala!"

and Mari will have a couple of more days of  wishing the beach came with air conditioning...

and I will have a couple more nights of  sending everyone off to bed with the assurance that,
"Surely the sun will come out tomorrow!"


  1. sorry no sun but boy does it still look warm and fabulous. How cool to see dolphins!
    I noticed in your last post that you definetly take after your dad. Happy Birthday! and I'm so with the pale people of your family, I burn burn burn.

  2. Just caught up on your last couple posts. What a faun fabulous trip you all are having and that dolphin....you nailed that picture! Awesome!

    I'm right there with Alyssa. THe only way for me to get a tan is to buy a fake one! oh well!

    Have lots more fun on your vacation!!!! =)

  3. Looks like you are having a great time despite the lack of sun...just remember the rest of us who are stuck in the midwest this week with 40 degree weather!!! Hope it's sunny for you tomorrow!

  4. I'm catching up. oh sun and ocean water. I miss it. looks like you all had a great time.