Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ding, dong, dash!

That would be what I'm doing to the few of you left reading my woefully neglected blog. The drugs for my aching back have had limited success...meaning I will be scheduling some tests to see if it is a problem in my spinal column ):
Meanwhile, I've slowly merged files from the old hard drive and the new. Guess what tonight's post features? ANOTHER BIRTHDAY!?!?!? One of the greatest joys of being from a large family is the fact that your special anniversary is never forgotten. I say this because the birthday boy tends to work quietly in the back ground of our family. He's not one to push into pictures or pat himself on the back for deeds well done. There is a risk that his big day falling in the midst of the winter doldrums could be over looked...but not in our family!!

Even Grandma came over for the celebration!!

Wouldn't you if you knew these were the birthday 'cakes'?!?!?

But in all seriousness, dearest Uncle Peter, you are truly 'the rock' upon which this family is built! 
We don't celebrate your labors and support to any where near the extent it deserves. You have always been our 'knight in shining armor' in moments of crisis and our biggest sideline cheerleader in moments of great achievements. Frazzled parents bow in gratitude for the respites you provided...the 'camp outs' in Uncle Peter's backyard tent and the hotel swim parties that gave us 'nights off'. The chocolate fix you provide every week for our Family Night desserts and the homework fixes when Math and Science
problems stump both children and parents alike. 
Most of all for the Herculean task you now shoulder in caring for our aging parents. 
Happy Birthday to you and MANY, MANY, MANY MORE!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    You think your behind on blogging, look how bad I have been, that should make you feel better. Your poor back hope they can fix you up soon.

  2. what wonderful cakes! I too have been away from my blog. trying to catch up. !