Friday, March 25, 2011

FFF- Our Choice

I'm surmising that it has "been that kind of a week" for a lot of us! Nora has decided that we should choose our own Favorite Friday Foto theme. Right up my alley since all I have to post today is a quick tribute to the talent in the family before popping SEVEN of us my mini-van and taking off on spring break!!!

It was quite a feat to even get today's pictures!!! I thought I was sooooo doing myself a favor to take Thursday off of work so I would have time to pack and prepare for our annual sojourn south. I don't have that kind of luck. I mean the almost NEVER even match ONE single number on the lottery ticket kind of bad luck!! Julia did finally get on a new antibiotic that pushed her back into the land of the living...just as Patrick succumbed. Then as I'm nursing the 'man cold'...[you know the "I can't even reach the remote" line from the commercial type of 'man cold']....Mari starts whining about a sore throat and runny nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally the last one standing and I have a 20 hour car ride to take with these petri dishes...count on my unhappily sick on the beach for my birthday post....I can feel it in my bones.

Anyhow, we had one last social event we HAD to squeeze in last night before we packed the car!

See, every family has that one person that is the complete package. In this generation that person would be my niece Mairead!! The girl is not only tall and gorgeous but she is a brainiac. She just received her acceptance letter to THE premier academic high school in Chicagoland!! She plays the flute so beautifully that at the last music competition not only did she receive an Outstanding but she was one of only two players to receive a PERFECT score from the judging panel!?!? ....and she does a ton of extra-curricular activities with her school like the volleyball and basketball pictures I've shared in the past. So no surprise that she also tried out for the school musical and made the cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie!

Now she was not the star but she did have a need to wear a microphone singing part and....

a tap dancing chorus member part!

The family came out to support her on the FIRST night jitters performance! Even with our impending departure we wouldn't miss such a momentous occasion!!

But my FFFoto of the night is...

The 1997 twins!!! You know this is going to be my Facebook profile picture shortly.
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  1. yes, your niece is a beauty, didn't realize how tall she is until that pic of her standing next to you all. and a great shot of Mari too. hope your family recovers from the bug. My daughter is doing well and I have caught the bug. ugh. have a great time away and enjoy your birthday.

  2. /wow Congrats to Mariead!
    Geez make sure you get everyone new toothbrushes and maybe you should get a huge bottle of echinacea. Have a fabulous trip with the sickies and hopefully they don't share with you on your birthday/spring break trip.

  3. Looks like you guys are well on your way out of town - so hopeful that you can find sun and a little Vitamin D to cure those winter yucks!