Saturday, March 12, 2011

FFF- Interview

After an educational career in which I successfully mastered aliphatic compounds and differential maxillofacial pathology, you'd think I'd have no issues with uploading a video from my camera to my blog....but you would be wrong!!! In more hours than I care to admit I think I have finally managed to load an interview I did this afternoon with my daughter Julia...I think...I mean there is no real way to check until after I hit the publish button?!?!? Seriously, this has me FRUSTRATED!!

One time in the past I tried to upload a video. It never was a successful endeavor. So many of my Blogger buddies and Facebook friends post them with such frequency that I feel there must be some tutorial out in the nether world of the internet but where??  I have two new, state of the art computers that upload my pictures in the blink of an eye yet a video takes the same time it took to make shrimp tacos, eat said tacos, make a bowl of popcorn, eat said popcorn. Then there was the eternity it took for Blogger to upload it from my video file on my computer. A kind Etsy friend once gave me a suggestion to get my pictures uploaded onto my site which worked wonders. Any kind Blogger friends have a suggestion on how to post videos sometime this decade?

Camera shy Mari asked to be interviewed for tomorrow's post!!! It may be months before that request is repeated so I'd love to jump on her interest...but the thought of waiting through another Blogger upload ....I'd rather crack open a Calculus textbook ..or cook fried liver...or scrub the grout in my bathroom!

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  1. I LOVE IT! I'm so glad I have high speed and could actually watch it. Since I"m behind the times of course I have no idea how to upload a video. Hope the fav cousin can go to horse camp!

  2. now if I could find the volume button on my computer.