Sunday, March 20, 2011

Song of praise!

When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things.....

And then I don't feel so bad!!!!!!!!!!

Eating a big piece of humble pie when I say this but "I LOOOOVE my Urgent Care Center!!"  You see, when I was a naive and idealistic dental student I shunned the concept of a 'doc in a box'. I took the oppositional stand in every debate over the benefits of establishing such a health care facility. I vowed that neither myself nor any member of my family would EVER risk our lives by seeking medical care in such an environment!....then I had kids....

On Thursday we had a glorious 60 degree day. Julia frisked, like a colt let out of the barn, around our yard all afternoon. As she laid down for the night she told me her throat hurt. Assuming it was her allergies, I gave her an Alavert and told her it would probably be better in the wasn't. Since she had no fever, or any other symptom, I sent her off to school with the advise that it was probably her allergies mixed with a little virus. She walked out of school and climbed in the car with the words, "My throat still isn't better Mom!" We went home and took her temperature. Normal! Clearly a virus so I gave her Motrin for the pain and inflammation and told her to be patient.

This morning I woke to a little girl who had dragged herself to the couch...and was now sporting a 100 degree fever. She has quite a history of Strep. 8 times in 12 months at one point in 2nd grade. Back in the earliest of posts on this blog I told of another time when my stoic little lady even progressed into Scarlet Fever because her Strep had not given her enough pain to warrant a complaint!!!!! Her last bout of Scarlet Fever came just before a scheduled trip to Florida.....we're supposed to be leaving in 6 days?!?!?!?
So off to the Urgent Care we went this morning. Forty minutes later we were walking back in our front door!!! I mean it almost takes that long to just sign in at the Emergency Room and at least that long waiting in the pediatrician's office just to get shown to an exam room. The Urgent Care nurse took her right back and did the Strep swab first thing. While we waited for it to 'bake' they did the usual vitals, registered her health history and insurance information in their system, had the 'doc in the box' check her over and within 2 minutes of him leaving the exam room he was back in with a prescription pad in hand...because OF COURSE it was positive!!!

She's had a veeeery rough day. Fever kept climbing all day [well between doses of Tylenol and Motrin anyhow] and the voice is now officially gone. But she had a couple of doses of antibiotics today so here's hoping the night is uneventful and the morning dawns with our Julia back to her usual sweet self!!

This is the third time I've taken one or the other of the girls there and I've even used their services twice! I really do looooooove my Urgent Care Center. They make this Mom's life so much better with the time they save in her busy routine. Time to enjoy more of my favorite things...


  1. oh so sorry to hear this news. In fact, my daughter was diagnosed with strep on thursday nite. the doc visit on tues yielded a negative strep test with the swab, bit the two day culture came back positive. but she has bounced back with the antibiotic and is ready t return to school tomorrow. hope Julia feels better soon. in time for your trip.

  2. Yuck!!! Poor Julia! Hope she's on the mend soon with better antibiotics!

  3. Poor girl! I was a strep tonsilitas girl for a while, but seemed to have literally out grown it.
    Yay! for your trip. I will keep you posted on our hopeful one, all is looking good for now.

  4. Hope she's feeling better now! It's been a long winter, hasn't it!!??

    Did you ever get the photos of some socks to go with your Gaut. dresses? I also have daisy buttons that I could add to socks cuffs and use coordinating ruffles too. Let me know....