Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beyond Belated Birthday Post

Well a funny thing happened on my way to taking my Mom to the Emergency Room today. She had taken a fall and thought it best to be checked out. Then, being a typical 83 year old, in the time it took for me to drive from my house to hers she changed her mind!! The sore hand had improved enough to make the stubborn Irishwoman decide "it would heal without the addition of a hospital bill". I was so NOT amused. Should not have gotten to me but I ended up in tears....because I have been gritting my way through a nasty bout of sciatica for almost a month now and this was the straw that broke my back...well NOT LITERALLY but dang near.

So guess who made that trip to Immediate Care???? Yep, time for this stubborn daughter of a stubborn Irishwoman to admit the obvious. My yoga, chiropractor visits, and diet changes had not done one darn thing!! The IC doctor did the finger wag lecture. My pride in not having missed a single meeting, day of work, or home life obligations was my undoing apparently. Seems I may have a bulging disc...MAY HAVE...but needs scans to check first...and that disc just might have irritated the nerves...and then my "pushing through the pain" may have pushed them beyond irritated to darn angry and inflamed!! I am now ordered to bed with steroid and narcotic companions.

So how does this explain the title of the post? In my good old Catholic guilt at feeling angry at my Mom, it dawned on me that her birthday dinner celebration was one of the February posts that were missed because my the computer virus episode! Considering it was back on February 9th, I'd consider this a very belated post!!

Grandma and the girls. 

 Per her request the whole group of us descended on my house for leg of lamb...not much left on the bone by the end of the night!!!

Nature vs. nurture?? When it comes to leg of lamb dinner there's no question!!
Happy Belated Birthday Mom!! 
My new companions have arrived and I expect my mood will improve so if you want to change your mind again about getting that hand checked out just give me a call. I'll have Peggy come right over to get you....bed rest, remember?!?!?


  1. Hope your sciatica is better soon!

  2. Well I guess at least you saw a doctor so hopefully you will be on the mend. I'm so with the not going ot the doctor to save money, its expensive and we buy our own insurance so its not great, love a stubborn irish woman!
    HOpe you get to feeling better. So with all this any luck with the material coming your way?

  3. happy birthday to your beautiful mother! and I hope you are feeling better soon.