Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chasing our Tails!

Periodically our family falls into a cycle of just moving from obligation to obligation hoping to hang on until the end of the ride. Now would be one of those cycles! Since one of my New Year's resolutions is to be a more reliable blogger, I am trying to stay on top of my photo documentation. It's just the publishing that is running behind this train. So, here in a very un-prosaic manner is the rest of our holiday weekend photographs. Unedited is anyway. Just thrown up on this bulletin board for all to see how my beauties are growing!

 We have this 'tradition'...a picture taken on
Holy Saturday evening posed with the basket of dyed eggs.
I guess I'm glad the days of pouting and crying for pictures has passed...
but now we are in the silly stage!

The "pretend you are listening to Mom" stage even as you bounce around!

The "Mom gives up" and just takes a boring old pose phase.

 The 'traditional' basket now filled with candy shot....
not taken a bit seriously!

 The "I want sunglasses" pose.

The "you want us to stand WHERE?" pose.

 Back to the sillies.....

 The "okay, I'll be good for a minute" pose.

 The "if my sister was good then so will I" pose.

 The "I still want sunglasses and NO I won't hold hands" pose.

 The "how's this for stunning" pose!!

 The "we can do flowers" pose!

 The "just one more piece and then we'll smile" pose.

The "let's be cheesy' pose that Mom turned into....

"quick zoom and catch the shot" pose!

We had a lovely day with family but those pictures would be on Auntie Peggy's camera...
and YES, Julia asked for me to buy that dress...
and YES, she WANTED to wear that dress for Easter services!!
Maybe, oh maybe the tomboy stage is subsiding?? Not influencing any decisions on her choices ... except
I did buy the dress on the spot the MINUTE she asked me so maybe she has an inkling of how
happy I am to see the 'inner girl' peeking out from under the t-shirts and jeans??


  1. your girls are beautiful! I love their dresses and smiles and tanned faces. Oh my dear, you are blessed indeed! Happy Easter!

  2. I can't believe how grown up Julia looks in that dress!!!! I love that last shot, they are so cute together silliness or not, I love it.
    Still haven't heard what I owe you for making Maya's wonderful dress, which she wore at Easter after she changed out of her Hello Kitty one(originally Christmas dress), and her Big Sis shirt. thank you!