Saturday, April 2, 2011

Joining the 21st Century!!

So, all you 30 somethings and younger who happen upon this post won't probably 'get' it but I must simply gush! You see I am sitting in a car traveling at highway speeds and BLOGGING at the same time?!?! I'm only just creeping onto this mobile technological speedway and for me this is still pretty darn amazing. Let's just say my first trips to Florida for spring break involved station wagons with windows for air conditioning and AM radios for entertainment. My children are soooooooooooo spoiled....but then again I wouldn't have it any other way for myself these days.

Just keeping it short as I'm in a notorious Georgia back-up and the starting and stopping is bringing on a bit of nausea! Just thought I'd show you a few pictures of how a USPS delivery person knows they are in Florida....

and that is just on my Dad's block!!


  1. See things like that like something a naughty kid would hit with a baseball bat. Hey I couldnt' believe it when they said there was internet on the plane, thats just crazy how does that happen?
    YOu never did tell me what I owed you, we are still playing catchup, or really get as much done because Joe won't be off work starting next week. Maya LOVED those new littlest pet shop, the kitty that stuck out its tongue was her favorite!

  2. well I've never ever seen anything like this before!