Friday, April 15, 2011


Funny thing about this growing business....

my Shamrocks planted WEEKS before St. Patrick's day...remember?

Well they finally decided to fill out and look like Shamrocks last week...too slow for sharing on the holiday ):

But here are our Zucchini seedlings waiting for our midwest weather to settle down into a proper spring so they can be transplanted out into the family garden.

So sometimes it is the seed that goes slow,
and sometimes it is the weather that goes slow,
but somehow this .....

has moved to this...

at warp speed!!!

And this....

flew to this...

at the speed of light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Mom handed down a saying when she would take note of our rate of growth,
"I want to put a brick on top of your head so you will stop growing!", said with a deep, exaggerated sigh.
I took to using it as well!
Unlike my generation that would groan and walk off...
my daughters and their cousins just grin and say,
"You can't stop God's power!"

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  1. Love all the growing going on at your house!

  2. I love flashbacks. I guess because i lovelove babies so much. oh your daughters were beautiful then and are beautiful now. and I'm loving your shamrocks. i had no idea we could grow them on our own! o'awesome. :) and oh yes, the power of God. He's everywhere in our family life. thank goodness.

  3. I love seeing the difference in a few years from my girls to yours. Thanks for joining FFFs - I have come to look foward to your posts dearly.

    Hope you guys enjoyed a good weekend.

  4. Even though you are irish, I still spend too much time spraying clover that come sup in my grass to want to plant any. Joe has his peppers and tomatoes all growing quite large in our windows, we can't plant outside untilt he end of Maya around here.