Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where's the water??

Been a busy week since the conclusion of Spring Break 2011! Since I worked some part of every day and had a series of doctor appointments to keep with little girls and big boys, I've not photographed a darn thing all week. Yesterday as I raked out the flower beds I did have a thought to run in for the camera to show tulip and daffodil progress but then I talked myself out of that as sooooo many bloggers have already covered the arrival of spring.

As is typical for Chicago, we are experiencing wild temperature fluctuations with the arrival of spring. Spent most of last week in jackets or raincoats and now this weekend.....T-shirts and tank tops are in order!?!?! Yesterday was a glorious and sunny 65. is 9:30am and we are already back to 65 degrees and on our way to a projected 85!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the temperature we had in Florida! So, as today starts to bake we are reminded of the beach....and the warm waves of the Gulf of Mexico. Seeing as how our local pools will not open until June 1st and the temperature of Lake Michigan water is in the mid-forties, I guess we must be content today with our memories.

That or find that darn money tree so we can buy our own bit of the tropics!


  1. it was 85 here today, so I'm sure that's what you all had too. it's glorious but I was ready to turn on the AC. In april!!! :)

  2. Tell where when you find that money tree so I can look for one too!

  3. I would take really good care of a money tree if I could find one. Your up and coming weather sounds wonderful! I was happy to reach 60, felt soooo good.