Saturday, April 23, 2011


All I'm saying is it has been this kind of a FFF picture shoot was on Thursday and I'm posting them on Saturday.
Get the picture?

Reading the directions before the clamoring crowds
were assembled would have
probably been a better option!

One of the only times of the year my bottle of white vinegar gets pulled from the pantry.

Imagine that little party colored cups can hold so much interest?!?

Well, interest is a matter of degree....when you are a teen
who is not quite ready to let go of a childhood tradition.

Or a teen with a sweet tooth? Mari dyed a whopping ONE egg!?!?!

While cousin Daniel held his attention long enough to do a whole TWO eggs 
which is a HUGE accomplishment for him!

Was not really into the photographer mindset this evening but liked how this shot turned out.

Deirdre's creative juices were flowing and she made several artistic eggs....

one of which Auntie Peggy dropped!!! 

Mairead came late due to the fact that she was an altar server at Holy Thursday services
but we saved eggs for her to color!

The conversation was a colorful as the eggs and it
continued over a game of Clue...
and over the first night of an impromptu sleep over
at the Mahony house...
and the SECOND night of the sleep over marathon!

But since the challenge is to post a Favorite Foto here is my choice..

My sweet Julia with her 'Love' egg.

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  1. I did the same thing with the egg dye directions yesterday...with a 4 yr old saying, "NOW Momma? NOW?" every 2.2 seconds! I hope we're still doing eggs together when she's a teen. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

  2. Great pics! The girls did eggs with my mom while they were on Passover break. Blueberry's enjoyed eating as many of them as possible since then.

  3. It is fun to have a 4 year old who dyed 2 dozen eggs and would have kept goign for days. Although I did do some too, but not too many good lord knows I didn't want her to run out too soon. Of course we bought some cheap white eggs at the store, can't waste our good chicken eggs.

  4. do we ever outgrow coloring eggs? great photos. Happy Easter!