Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sun & Sunflowers!


Julia finally got to play in her first ever softball game! Game after game has been canceled due to rain and she was beginning to despair of ever breaking in her new uniform. This morning dawned sunny. Windy and brisk but sunny. Her game was scheduled for 6 pm. Promptly at 3 pm...the clouds rolled back in and a drop or two was felt. But praise be, the occasional droplet was all the clouds could muster and the game was played!

One very happy girl was tucked into bed tonight (-:
She hit a double...
nearly had a double play...
and took a slide into third that was quite the crowd pleaser!!
Tomorrow is the team picture day...
I will delightedly be up tonight washing the mud streaked uniform.

Now, a new font to denote a new topic...

Hmmmm, herbal sachets you ask?? The unrelenting gloom of our sunless spring has taken an emotional toll. May 1st has been a small beacon of light on our calendar.

We've been busy making our seed 'bombs'. A bit of potting soil and a couple of seeds on a tissue paper square tied with a bit of twine and we are armed and ready. Remember why yet?

We are setting out to brighten the summer vistas 
with these happiness inducing blooms.
Vistas not usually pleasing to the eye.
Our hope filled souls will soar
with each seed 'bomb' tossed tomorrow
Winter is finally being batted back by a tender spring,
our weather weary hearts await a sunflower filled summer!!


  1. YAY Julia on a game well played! You look great in your uniform by the way too! =)

    The Sunflower day sounds fun! I hope there will be flowers everywhere! =)

  2. Julia must've been so happy to play finally. I played softball growing up and loveloved it. She sounds like a matural at the sport. I had forgotten about your quest to brightne the fields with sunflower seeds. A lovely ecological idea! we may have to do this here.

  3. Way to go Julia! Hasn't this spring weather been a bummer in the midwest?? At least it's finally warming up now.

    Happy Mother's Day, Suz!