Friday, June 24, 2011

FFF- Our Choice

Good thing Nora let us choose our own Favorite Friday Foto because I would probably have been going rogue yet again! This week's photo has no technical merit. I have no actual photography skills to speak of but I have a camera that helps me out that way (-:

So how do BFF/Cousins who were cruelly separated by the two week vacation of one family spend their first night back together???? joined at the hip, sharing a single blanket on a single recliner together!!!

Tomorrow's post....Anything you can do I BETTER GET TO DO TOO!!! But until then go check out Nora's blog for more FFF posts.


  1. I have been taking photos with my phone lately and I'm pretty sure that no one can tell the difference between that and our overly expensive DSLR Canon. Silly me.

    Hope you guys are ok after the storms!

  2. Such mean aunties keeping them apart like that.