Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This is ME Challenge #7- Numbers

Trying to 'catch up' with some of the life history challenges in the next couple of days. Today I'm tackling 'My Life in Numbers'.

1] The number of husbands I have and ever will have! One is also the number of males living in our house now that cocker spaniel Kelty has gone to live with Auntie Peggy due to Julia's allergies.

2] Mari and Julia, the only children I have and will ever have!

3] My sisters Peggy, Anne Marie, and Jennifer.

4] The number of homes I have lived in my life so far.

5] My brothers David, Peter, Bill, John, and Steven.

6] My brothers-in-law Frank, Jim, Denis, Mike, Tom, and Martin.

7] The number of different schools I've attended in my life!

8] My shoe size...and as a teen it was veeeery convenient that it was also the same shoe size as Peggy and Anne Marie!

9] The age I was when I first moved.

10] Number of years I worked in a private dental practice before moving to public health dentistry.

11] Number of years I have been a Mom!

12] Number of nieces and nephews I have.

13] Age of my eldest child.

14] The number of homes my husband has had in his life!

15] Years we've been married.

16] Number of windows in my current home. [know this because we recently replaced the 1956 era windows!]

17] Number of times I've been to Florida since meeting my husband.

18] Age I was when my parents let me take my little sister to Colorado on my first solo road trip!!

19] Number of nieces and nephews Patrick has.

20] Number of sewing machines I have personally far!

22] Number of years I went to school.

36] Age when I got married.

39] Number states I've visited.

Sure there are many more numbers that could be included but this seems a respectable stab at the challenge! If you too want to try and record your life history in a fun way check out this blog!


  1. those numbers tell a neat story. I checked out the blog. it is very interesting, and a good idea sparker for writing down things about yourself, for your children to cherish someday!

  2. hey pretty cool. Much much to tired of a brain to think that much. Its not the kids its all the other stuff, and apparently my lack of brain.