Thursday, June 23, 2011

Micro-burts VS. Straight line wind

...really does the definition matter??? Just a note to say that my suburb had a weather incident Tuesday night that resulted in hundreds of trees being uprooted or losing limbs that took down bunches of power lines leaving us powerless. Fortunately for us, our home is located in a high priority zone because it includes a school and hospital and we had our power back after 24 hrs. Auntie Peggy is not faring so well...her generator is still roaring in her backyard and it may be another day before the giant old elm trees that fell across her street are cleared allowing her to get her car off her cul-de-sac!

Luckily the cooler weather that drove the storm our direction is holding so we can be outside with our chainsaws running full time without discomfort. But my Dad is arriving tomorrow from Florida to attend our family picnic and he is scheduled to stay with Auntie Peggy. We had a similar storm last year this time and he was at her house with no power too!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be taking a break from limb removal to clean and rearrange the girls' bedrooms because I think I may be having company this weekend......

Didn't take any pictures as we were too busy working but there has been some good discussions about this week's "This is ME Challenge" given the circumstances. Might have it ready to post later tonight!

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  1. YOur poor dad, maybe you should move the date. i haven't even switched out my summer and winter clothes yet! still not complaining, cool wet weather is better then everything else going on everywhere, plus they throw in some warm weather every once in awhile.