Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

I owe myself and my readers a couple of posts here! So over the next couple of hours I am going to try and get my computer to cooperate with a huge photo upload and do a series of posts. Starting with Julia's end of the year class picnic!

Parents are invited to join the 4th graders outside for a picnic lunch organized by the Room Mothers and PTA.

It is a chance for the class to present their teacher with a group gift....

....and attempt a class picture....

...and even attempt a picture of all the 4th graders together!!! While I would love a bit more racial diversity, we are so pleased with the decision to move Julia to public school. Not even counting the extraordinary efforts her principal and teachers have put into bringing her back on target in Reading there is the life lesson of learning in an environment where those with special needs are treated as treasured members of the class. Julia has been especially complimented by the staff on her kindness and friendship with those children in her class. 

I'm not too proud or anything (:

Okay, there was some fun and games as well!!!