Thursday, June 23, 2011


Had some electricity for a while during the night but we're back in the dark again! Power company had to turn us off so they can get at some of the countless power lines dragged down by trees uprooted in the weather 'incident' of Tuesday night. So I did go out and take a picture of our damage that we have not gotten cleared as of yet....

This last picture keeps reminding me of the Shel Silverstein book....

....Where the Sidewalk Ends!

Limited battery left on the lap top, so sorry for the brief drop in posts)--:  .....but good news is Auntie Peggy is done playing Little House on the Prairie...she has power back...for now anyhow!


  1. Bummer...makes us realize how dependent we are on electricity when it's out!

    We are going to try to get to Taste of Chicago next week...hope the weather cooperates. Any other recommendations while we in that immediate area?

  2. sigh ... ugh ... don't you hate that? I hope you all get power back soon.