Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sooo not fair!

You cannot even begin to know the number of times I have heard that phrase since becoming a mother. I'm not sure why they keep saying it because for years now my response to that phrase has been, "Show me where on your birth certificate it says welcome to a fair world??" These past two weeks have heard those phrases uttered at a higher frequency than usual...because BFF/Cousin Deirdre was gone on a two week vacation that included a sizable stop at Disney World! Now I just recently mentioned how Patrick and I have put a moratorium on trips to the mouse's house in Florida and be assured the girls are very well aware of our stand. Kids being kids....when Deirdre came home and saw the pictures of Julia doing the zip-line she wailed, "Soooo not fair!!! I cannot believe you did that without me?!?!"

Well since we were going back up to Aunt Agnes' lake house.....we let Deirdre come too!!

The BFF/Cousins simply share EVERYTHING!

I even managed to get my camera settings coordinated to catch her as she whizzed by my position!

But then a funny thing happened on the way into the landing tower......

...even Deirdre found humor in the she sat waiting out in the middle of the zip line ....

...for the crew to come and TOW her in since she had NOT made it all the way to the landing tower when her slowing speed caused her to gradually stop and then slide BACK DOWN the zip line!!! Another memory sure to make the dinner table highlights many, many times (-: I'd post the video of Mari and I laughing like fools as we realized Deirdre was not going to make it to the landing tower but my system takes forever to load videos!!! Amazingly, she wants to go again.

It was a good day for me and my camera that day as I also managed to coordinate the settings and zoom to catch one of our frequent visitors up at the lake house....

...made me happy with our Disney moratorium when I discovered that neither my husband NOR my children had ever seen a bluejay before this week!?!?!?


  1. i know bluejays are kind of naughty, but thye are soooo pretty. I think the video would have been much funnier to go laong with the pictures.
    I'm sure I will be hearing ALOT of its so not fair out of Maya's mouth since her closest cousins have too parents that work and like to spend money, sorry kid thats just not our life, our priorities are different then theirs.
    ( I too wanted my mom to go to work so that she could by me all the stuff you HAD TO HAVE in junior high, I really hate school)

  2. how wonderful that Deidre could join in. so did you guys come home and then go back up again to your Aunt's cabin? Anyway, i love your photo of the bluejay. they are such beautiful birds. we have one that visits us in the backyard at our feeder.

  3. That looks like sooooo much fun, towed in or not! My kids would love doing that! The blue jay is beautiful. I can't get my camera to produce pics that good. Think I need lessons!