Thursday, July 14, 2011


hours of living in Little House on the Prairie!!! Took the local power company FIFTY TWO hours to figure out how flip the right switch....seriously....we had no downed power lines from fallen flooded power vaults. Sigh....they claim it was a necessary move to prevent the "grid from crashing"...wouldn't mind sacrificing for the good of society EXCEPT the school building across the street HAD POWER even though they are CLOSED for summer vacation!?!?!?!?

With nothing much else to do we decided to breakdown two sets of bunkbeds, moved one set to the garage to be taken at a later date up to Aunt Agnes' lake house, moved the second set from Mari's bedroom into Julia's [because it was newer and had a trundle + bunkbed = 3 beds], went and picked up a queen set for Mari's room [thanks to cousin Alyssa who 'handed it down'] and set it up....all in 90+ degrees with no power. The sweat flowed...everyone was miserable...but we worked as a well oiled machine...and two little girls were distracted by the prospect of 'new' beds so the lack of power turned into just another family story about the day Mom and Dad had puddles of sweat in their glasses (-; Despite showers all around for hot sweaty bodies and a brief rain sprinkle which brought in cooler weather there was precious little sleep last night due to the block of generators roaring in backyards...which led to an irony...tonight we have LIGHTS....turned off by 9 PM because everyone was crashed into bed sleeping in the humidity free, air conditioned, climate controlled mid-century modern home!!! Pioneer women rock, I kneel in awe at their fortitude, I am profoundly blessed to have been born in the USA in the 20th century!!


  1. yes aren't we lucky, love our easy life compared to others. Glad you finally got power.
    The school thing would have been very irritating to say the least. Glad everyone got new beds, that is always cool.

  2. I could never have lived in a time without blow dryers! so glad you made it through!!

  3. Glad you survived and have power back! Hoping for no more power outages ever but especially in extreme weather.