Friday, July 1, 2011

Favorite Foto Friday

Just call me difficult! Going off script again with my FFF post. Mostly out of pure laziness. Since I have sooooo much to catch up on I'm using this post to play some catch-up!!

So as you can see my Dad is in town and behaving maturely...wonder where I get my irreverent streak?!?!? He's here for two weeks because it is family picnic season!

Brothers and nephews along with in-laws who like to call themselves outlaws....

Children and cousins big and small....


..and children gathered together to celebrate the fact that they are FAMILY!

Auntie Peggy really enjoyed it this year since she passed the baton of Picnic Organizer off to another family member.

Most really just enjoyed the play time.....

...while others enjoyed playing catch-up! My mother's brother brought his family up from North Carolina for this year's gathering and while it was hard to see my mom, aunt and uncle as the ONLY three from their generation to feel up to attending this year it was nice to see the three of them together. Who knows how many more times that will happen?

3 different generations as well as 3 different families at a single table is no big deal at our picnics....

...where the family tree has grown so big that we now must run it as a descendent list minus the 'out-laws' and it still is 44 inches of single spaced names!!! I was so busy visiting that Mari stepped in and took over some of the photo journal duties and ended up with my FFF!

I can still see you smiling behind that burger Ethan!!!

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  1. You guys have the best family get togethers! I remember last years picnic too!

    Good times!