Sunday, July 17, 2011

Surviving the Sizzle!

I should not be sitting here typing this at this moment in time.

We were scheduled to be on the train heading into Chicago right now.

There will be no water taxi ride for us today.

We will not walk the streets of Chinatown taking in the sights, smells, and most importantly the tastes at their annual street fair.

Today is one of those days when Mom plays the difficult role of spoil sport.

Today is supposed to be 100 degrees!!!! At 10 AM we are already marching steadily towards the 90 degree mark so I believe the meteorologist.

Instead, today we will be watching the USA play Japan for the Women's Soccer World Cup....and may even try a repeat of yesterday's cooling off measures??

Might have another noodle fight with your cousin?

Might goggle up and go for full pool immersion?

Might just float happily on a bed of foam?

Or not? We'll just have to play it by 'air'.......conditioning!?!?!


  1. Cute post! I need one of those pools to cool off with! Looks fun!

  2. it was indeed hot. at 9AM it was 89. got up to 98 I think. I sat by the kiddie pool with my daughter for a while in the back yeard, but eventually retreated to the air conditioning. thank goodness for that. Love the photos of your girls! the water looks for welcoming!

  3. I think we will stay here. The kids actually got in our pool filled with fresh freezing cold water out tof the well, not me way too cold.

  4. Ooh - that last picture is a keeper! ;-)