Friday, July 15, 2011

On cousins and chefs and...comas!!

Been a crazy kind of week around here. Power outage, work, heat, cheer camp, pool parties, city today I decided we needed a nice quiet afternoon here at home. I called it "getting back to normal". BIG MISTAKE because a 'normal' Friday around her routinely includes a certain 3rd daughter's arrival for her weekend visitation. I caved........

It is really easy to 'cave' when it comes to having BFF/Cousin Deirdre over at our house. Besides her whip smart wise cracks, Deirdre and Julia dive into imaginative play from the minute her bag is dropped in the vestibule meaning little to no 'work' for me!! One less voice whining "Moooooooom" a hundred times a day (-;

One of their on-going games is their 'Paris Plan'. These two characters have created a very elaborate story of how they are going to live together in an apartment in Paris where Deirdre plans to study art and theater while Julia studies to be a chef when they are "grown up". Often very messy craft projects are involved...because a budding artist needs a stocked studio with in progress projects!?!?! Today it was the chef's turn. I was thinking they would be excited to work with the first vegetable we harvested from our own garden this week...

...that would be a big NOT!!

Again I caved. The two girls were given carte blanche [because I've been informed that I need to learn French so I can come visit them!!] in my kitchen to create a "kid friendly" dessert. So here are the two new sweet treats!!

by Deirdre Norton

1 1/2 scoops of Nutella
5 Hershey Drop Candies
3 scoops of chocolate chips
4 crushed Oreos
2 cups of Hershey Syrup

Strawberry spray frosting to garnish [or now quoting the chef, "Any flavor frosting the kid likes that the Mom has on her baking shelf!]

The chef also provided the following warning at the bottom of her recipe page......"BEWARE, BEWARE, AT RISK OF SUGAR RUSH...or sugar koma(sic)! Deirdre Norton is NOT RESPONSIBLE for high sugar rush!!!!


by Julia Mahoney
(copied as written!)

5 spoon full's of peanut butter
A cuple hand full's of chocolate and butter scotch chipps
9 big squirts of honey
Mash it up and stir it up!

The chef's notes were..."Warnings!!! For people with diabties, clostrol problems, and sweet tooth it can give coma, discomfort, uncantolable eating, tummy ackes, and throuing up."

Really? Who would possibly get a 'tummy acke' or 'throu up' after eating such magnificent desserts?


  1. What FUN! When we were young, my 1st cousin Shelia and I also planned to grow up and live together. We were children of the Beatles/Monkees era so we were going to start a band. She would play trumpet and I would play drums. I saw Shelia last month and we decided that we are ALMOST grown up enough at 49 and 50 to try that plan. Maybe next year...

  2. they look and sound delicious. I would definitely have "uncontolable eating" at Julia and Deidre's Paris apartment! what imaginations. good thing you're recording all this for future giggles from the girls when they are truly living in Paris!!!

  3. OMG! My cousin and I had the same plans, only they involved fashion design and NYC, when we were 10. Love the recipes!