Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to us....

Busy, busy, busy week culminating in two straight nights of celebrating!! Warm summer weather finally arrived in time for us to get outdoors to celebrate a good ole 4th of July....on the 3rd AND 4th!!! As a matter of fact I should be preparing for tonight's picnic and firework party but just thought I'd give a shout out to say Happy 4th of July to all our friends and family!!

Nice thing about our 'small' big town are the friendly neighbors! We choose not to pack in with the thousands of others in the local polo fields to watch the concert and fireworks every year in favor of a local business park with plenty of parking and no restrictions on food and toys you can have amongst your supplies. A very friendly neighbor joined our celebration this year.....

...a little 'friend' who found our 'big' girls to be far more fun and interesting than her family!

Especially when she discovered our little girls [that she called 'the big girls'] had a waaaay cool that flashed fire and popped loud when you throw it on the cement!

Meanwhile, our big girls sprayed themselves down and headed off to rollerblade through the fields of parking lots while waiting for dark to fall.

Auntie Peggy is already bummed at how much taller Mairead is than the rest of us...but add a couple more inches from rollerblades and she's really not happy!!

Did I mention that my creaky old cell phone went for a swim in the toilet earlier this week and that the blow dryer and rice tricks failed? Auntarie brought a book to read while waiting for dark and just as she thought she'd have to pack it in due to the dark, the big girls informed her that my new 'smartphone' had a 'flashlight' app...who knew?!?! I am scheduled to go back into the phone store this week to take lessons on how to use this Ferrari of a phone I now own...meanwhile my girls have already taken it around the track a couple of times while I'm still trying to figure out how to start the engine!!!!

As we watched Mother Nature's light show....

All the girls...including the newest little girl...settled in to snack and crack out the glow sticks and watch the spectacular display of fireworks while shouting out "Happy Birthday America!!"

As I head off to prepare for fireworks round two I thought I'd let you see a couple of shots I managed to catch as I practiced with my firework setting on the camera that I'm still student driving....

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  1. Beautiful Firework pictures!
    My mother in law just dropped her cell phone in the toliet and flushed it to where they had to take it apart since it was lodged in there, good grief. They say put it in a bag of rice or I take the battery right off and lay it over a lamp.