Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now it is a 'derecho'!?!?!?

Well, we had another weather incident. This time the 80 mph winds were caused not by a 'microburst' but by a 'derecho'.....do I really care the technical difference when the net result is the same!?!? Net result....17 hours without power so far and it has been warm and humid as heck....wouldn't you know that the Mahoney luck(less) in wishing for summer would come to pass with such a vengeance!

The generator is running smoothly during the day but for fear of it running dry ...or exploding ...I must now go out and turn it off and grope my way to the basement where it is almost cool enough for me to hope to sleep. Did I ever mention how in awe I am of my ancestors tenacity??? I cannot even fathom my gr-grandmothers in their long skirts and petticoats on a hot, humid Chicago July day as they cooked over flames.

To spare my nerves the girls have been packed off to Auntie Peggy's where power resumed after a 'brief' 8 hour outage....I just couldn't take one more request for me to use a powerless appliance to ease their hunger pains and sweaty brows since the whole concept of what electricity actually powers in our daily lives has been clouded by their pampered lifestyle to date. Must admit it was fun watching Patrick trying to microwave a mug of tea this morning....you'd think of all of us he'd be the most nonplussed about being electricity deprived. Thank God for laptops with decent battery life (-;


  1. Bummer! I was just thinking a hotel stay would be fun! I think I would of had to go to Aunt Peggy's too!

    I hope everything gets back to normal soon!

  2. so sorry to hear. we too got that derecho((???)) and trees fell all over the place, not thankfully, not on our property. these storms have really been viscious!

  3. We will take our cooler summer then all the crazy weather everyone else is getting.
    Poor Julia, she is always welcome to come and have a country vacation, I wouldn't see it as country but I"m sure she would. Too bad we dont' have any real trained horses, she would have to be lead around although my moms big draft horse is really too lazy to do much.
    Tell her no bug races yet, our June bugs must have decided that it wasn't warm enough yet because they normally show up the first week of July, still waiting........