Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm embarrassed to admit just how many times I have tried to get my Etsy site up and running!!! Every time I'd get to the point of listing an item only to run smack into a brick wall. After sitting in front of a screen for countless hours watching the little 'loading' symbol flashing the result was always the same..."Picture file too large to load"!!!!! UGH!!!!!!

Well I'm just so DONE with giving eBay such a large cut of my sales! The economy has had a huge impact on everyone's wallet and my barely marked up items are not always selling like in past years. This means the account for the food baskets for Mari's first family has been being replenished veeeeeery slowly of late. Then I get this little rush of orders and a chance to put some cash aside for the food BUT eBay eats into the 'profits' too much!! I had to make the Etsy site happen!!!

Happy to announce that with a little help from my friend Lynda at Socks That Rock I have had success!!!!! Now I can start listing all the outfits that didn't sell on eBay of late AND place my new designs up for significantly LESS!

Please check my store out and feel free to share with anyone that may be interested!!

I'd put up a badge/button but my brain is still throbbing from all the geek challenges of this morning and I have absolutely no idea how to even attempt that feat.


  1. sorry I was so slow at getting back to you, dont' know if I could have helped anyway. I will go and check it out, eventually Maya must have some of your cute dresses.

  2. It looks Awesome!!!!! If you decide that you just want to use a picture then I can figure out the badge for you I think. If you want text in it then that will have to be on there as well. I can help you do that if you need me to in my micrografx program I can put up the picture and text then you just need to post it to your blog and then I can tell you how to do the badge, or I can pretty much do it for you, now that i just did one its pretty fresh on my brain (that won't last)

  3. Looks great!
    By the way, do I have an order coming still??? I never saw a paypal invoice. I know you have been busy so just let me know. =)

  4. Your shop looks great!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for my Greta! Best of luck on Etsy. The fees are so much more reasonable than Ebay and you can list an item for 3 months at a time for only 20 cents! Glad the pictures finally loaded!!!

  5. I was wondering where you've been . . . now I know. I'm on my way to check out your new etsy site, and i too will order some outfits, maybe not right away, but will. definitely make a badge and I'll put it on my site. have a great weekend. how 'bout this weather !! we've got sun today. so you should too.

  6. your etsy shop is awesome. stella luna is its name? there's a book by that name. it celebrates how we can be alike and different and celebrate our differences. very cool.