Thursday, March 18, 2010

This and That Thursday

It's seems to be my modus operandi to be a blog slacker in the early part of the week only to over post on the weekends! Makes sense to me but for my readers I will just say that I'm not an overly organized or disciplined person which leads to me running around like a chicken with her head cut off as the school/work week dawns and about now...on Thursday, I begin to get under control. As I am not scheduled to work tomorrow I am gleefully anticipating a nice long day in the salt mine. Gleefully you ask? Well I'm just about caught up on my custom orders so that means I can start 'playing' with some of the fabric I have just waiting to be made into some little girl's outfit!!

Only one more Easter dress is waiting to have it's final touches and it's on to summer outfits. Here's a custom order that I had a lot of fun with.....

a little boy's "cheater" tie to match.....

his sister's Easter dress!!!! Those will be pictures I can't wait to see! Hint, hint.

We've also been busy with Julia's science project!

She had to do a 'display' of her choosing covering the subject of meteors. She had a blast turning Styrofoam balls into 'meteors' by gouging them and then painting them.

They  were mounted on yarn and hung from a hanger. Her 'facts' were then laminated onto the strings. I forgot to get a picture before she headed off to school but will post it after it comes back home!!!

Julia has really been blossoming in her creativity!! Besides being selected to have a piece of her art to hang in our local art museum she brought home this from art class today....

I'm blown over by her neatness and creativity!! She's only 9 and in third grade and yet she 'saw' the Titanic in her perspective lines!!! Looking forward to her future progress (:

As crazy busy as this week has been with work and St. Patrick's Day I did feel the need to squeeze in one more event! 

My niece Alyssa was confirmed on Tuesday!!! I am beyond lucky to only live across the street from the church so it made the time crunch a little less stressful! My Mom was up to seeing her granddaughter confirmed too!

She did remarkably well given it was a 2+ hour ceremony. Not only was it a granddaughter getting confirmed but Alyssa chose Veronica as her confirmation name....which is my Mom's younger sister's name!  Her sponsor for confirmation was.....

c'mon!!!! Was there ever any question???? Congratulations Alyssa Rose Veronica and good job Auntie Peggy!


  1. I can't wait to see the summer outifts!!! I NEED to get your pay pal information from you so PLEASE send it to me!! I tried to call and get it but we missed each other:) HUGS

  2. WOW that picture is amazing, I would have tried to figure out how to end the boat etc, thats really awesome. I was going to email you but forgot yesterday so now that i am on the blog instead can you email me your paypal email address and I will send you some money, or I can mail you a check your choice. Thank you, might have to give her the dress early or after I take some pictures in her easter dress, or I"m sure it will be a battle, she will want to only wear the Hello Kitty dress. My mom foudn a shirt and a little vest at the thrift shop while she was trying to find a pair of boots for Maya (outgrowing those riding boots already can't let that happen) and let me tell you she would live with those shirts on if I would let her.

  3. I love the bunny print. so Easter-ish. and Julia's titanic is amazing, especially the way she got the geometry of the ship so perfect. what a piece of art. studying the planets is fun, and I like her idea of the meteors with the gouges in them -- so realistic looking. congratulations to Alyssa. beautiful statute of Our Lady in the background. do tell, who's the bishop?

  4. How did you make that cheater tie? That is exactly what I want to make today, but I am having trouble making my knot look like a real tie. I plan on sewing a band of elastic to make it go on like a necktie. My email is theremingtons at cox dot net if you don't mind sharing!

  5. Great bunny tie!
    Congratulations Alyssa! Your such a beautiful young women!