Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just another Wednesday

....... NOT!!! I just couldn't let today pass without acknowledging it's importance to our family. St. Patrick's Day to the family of a Patrick Mahoney born in County Kerry Ireland is naturally a BIG deal....even if his daughters were born in Guatemala! Here are just a few of the pictures I came across to show how the Irishman, Irish-American, and Guatrish members of this family have celebrated the day over the years.

They wear green.....ALOT!

They marched in parades....okay 'rode' in parades.

Did I mention about the green wardrobe?

They danced at St. Patrick's Day parties with their cousins.

They did a lot of waiting around to dance too!

There was a lot of family support of the dancer!

Oh, and more green clothes!

There were trips to Ireland just to make sure they learned about important Irish Daddy!
(Or maybe the Waterford Crystal made in the factory behind them?!?!?) 

For sure we all have our Irish knit sweaters!!!!

Speaking of clothes, here's more in green!

They all know how to draw shamrocks.

But only Daddy knows how to set spuds and cabbage in the high field of Gurranbeg where he took Mommy for their 10th anniversary!(He showed her how to wear Wellingtons when heading to the cow shed too!)

So in closing on this feast of St. Patrick I give you our Patrick on the bridge to his childhood church and the traditional prayer said in Kerry.

On this saint's day which has brought in this new dawn, as we are in good health at its coming, may we be in good health when it goes and when it comes again.


  1. I didn't know that the sweaters that I have seen you all wearing in other posts where Irish sweaters. Very cool!

    Lucky girls getting to go to Ireland already! Any trips planned in the near future?

  2. wow. I love the older pics and the girls and you and Patrick. so sweet. mari's smile is adorable, love the dancing outfits and that beautifull face on Julia in the green shamrock jumper. how cool you took the girlies to Ireland!

  3. I was sure you must have soem sort of post on the irish holiday! love all the pictures, its fun to see the girls younger (when smiling was still cool for Mari) and those fancy dancing dresses, which I'm sure you made. Hope you all had a great day!