Saturday, March 13, 2010

"The Talk"

 Just had to record this snippet of conversation overheard in my house this morning as all the cousins gathered to go to the St. Patrick's Day parade.

That video was so inappropriate.

Why did you say that?

Because of the lyrics!

Um...which lyrics?

OMG!!! You know?? Like from "the talk"?!?!?

Yeah, I've had "the talk" and I don't see your point.

Oh that's because there are like SIX "talks" and you've only had the first one.

NO! I've had several "talks" even about all that other stuff. I'm not a baby you know?!?!?

I wasn't saying you were a baby! I know you've had "the talk" but there is still more that you haven't heard yet?!?

I have too!!!!! I know what you're talking about from the later "talk" not just the stuff in the first "talk". My Mom "talks" to me you know?!?!??!

At this point I just lost it and my chuckling ended "the talk" about "the talk". Good thing Patrick was spared "the talk" about "the talk"...he's still trying to decide just how big a gun to buy after seeing Mari try on her new swimsuit!! He told her, "I'm not ready for this grown girl. Could you please slow down and let me catch up?!?!"

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