Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Warm......NOT!!!!!! But that's not stopping us from enjoying our whirlwind trip around Florida. We opened with a day at Disney's Hollywood Studios where the girls were just so very sure that I couldn't ring in the next half a century without a drop or two...or five on the Tower of Terror!!!! We zipped around Rockin' Rollercoaster a couple of times as well.

Then we headed over to my Dad's at Sarasota for a day on the beach!!!! The 62 degree water didn't keep the kids out of the waves...but it did me! The next day was spent dodging storms as we headed out for Palm Sunday services and my 'official' birthday dinner...which I "ruined" by getting sick before the appetizer was even finished. A good nap with the sound of rain pelting the roof was the cure!

Since the next day also dawned cloudy and cool we headed SOUTH....to the Everglades. Have great pictures of the dolphins which surrounded us on the boat ride through the 10,000 Island National Park!!!! Today was sunny but breezy and brisk so we did yard work for Grandpa (clearing more room for loungers on the back patio was more like the motivation). After some relaxing lounging and 'fishing' at the little bay at his corner, we then had a blast trying to beat each other at miniature golf.

Tomorrow is the last day ):.....weather report is not stellar....sunny again but also brisk and breezy again!!! Maybe the beach...maybe not but at least it will be better than home....maybe.....heard they are expecting 80's for our arrival home?!?!?!? I can only hope that's true.


  1. Glad you made it back out to Sunny Florida though!! Have a safe trip home!!

  2. You heard right...sounds like the weather is nicer in the midwest than Florida! We are enjoying some nice warm weather this week!

  3. WEll so the weather isn't perfect but it still sounds like you are having a great time, it was so windy here yesterday you couldn't even fly a kite!

  4. what a lovely respite you are having. yes, it's supposed to be 74 here today, and 79 tomorrow. safe flight.

  5. The Rockin Roller coaster was my FAVORITE ride at Hollywood Studios! I never made it on the house of terror. I wish I had.
    Bummer that it's not warmer there. At least your having lots of fun!