Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have not been a very good blogger of late. I would like to apologize! It's just that now that the testing is over in the schools, I'm back to work....and this just when I have a surge in custom orders?!?!? Just have one word that pretty much covers everything in this post....WOW!!

The Guatelinda dress seems to be well liked! Much of my 'free time' is now being spent trying to figure out the fastest way to get my darn sewing blog up and running so as to save on eBay and Etsy fees as well as finishing off the Easter requests so I can get started on the Guatelinda requests.

WOW! Is also what I have to say about this.....

my Julia selected from hundreds of local school children to have one of her art pieces be displayed at the local art museum!!! I'm very certain there will be a post on this in the future!!!

And WOW!!

There really is grass under that icy white stuff!! Don't want to jinx anything but we do seem to be seeing lots of signs of spring. More and more flocks of geese heading north and fewer days with temperatures below freezing must surely indicate an approaching spring?!?!? Hope we get a couple more days in the 40's and 50's so the dirty piles of snow hurry up and melt!


  1. Congrats to Julia!!!! That is a huge honor! Im proud of her as a fellow artist I would love to see her work! Also congrats on all the extra businesss! I want a guat dress as well!

  2. wow, that's some accomplishment that Julia has had. congrats to her, and tell her that your friends are proud of her. Anyway, I'm not surprised that your guatelinda creation is popular. it is so darn cute ! yes, we are seeing the grass in our yard too and it is a real upper for us. especially for hubby who really detests the winter that his mood changes!

  3. congrats julia!!!!! I have a artist here and she is such a talent...what a blessing that is!


  4. I am not surprised AT ALL that you are busy you are a fantastic seamstress and I keep tryign to figure out how I can justify spending money on one of your guatelinda dresses even though Maya doens't really need any clothes, but I think you only had a couple bandana's so I guess I don't have to think about it any more for now.
    Thats awesome that Julia was selected you will have to let us see her work on display, thats really an honor!
    Please you are not a bad blogger your are an awesome commenter I am still laughing at the bald men heading to the moose lodge!

  5. Hi yes i'm sure hobby lobby would have them either all the pieces seperate (molds,mix, decorative things) or also in a kit. I go to Michael's craft store here (they always have a 40% coupon everyweek) also JoAnne's fabric has alot of craft stuff. I don't know which craft stores you have and I haven't been in a Hobby Lobby for a while, but I do know that stepping stone mix is much finer then just concrete mix.