Monday, May 10, 2010

"A longing unutterable fills my heart."

This is the title of a chapter in one of my childhood favorite author's posthumous book of inspirational writing. I wish I was a more accomplished typist so I could transcribe the short sentiment for you to read here. As I watched my mother struggle to survive the train of children who arrived to honor her on this past Mother's Day I was again struck with a melancholy...wondering just how many more Mother's Days we have together. She needed to nap often and our conversations became tangled webs resulting in confusion in a woman who had the sharpest of intellects.

In trying to go through our 'library' today to find a book for a 'bored' Mari I came across my oft read and worn copies of The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I forgot I had also gotten this copy of  Saving Graces, The Inspirational Wrtings of Laura Ingalls Wilder! Many times I am in the same gathering as both my children and my mother and have felt but never had the words for some of the things that Laura puts so perfectly in this tidbit!

"Many of us have the blessed privilege of being at the same time mother and child, able to  let the one interpret the other to us until our understanding of both is full and rich."

"In the light of experience and the test of the years, can you see how your mother might have been more to you, could have guided you better? Then be sure you are making the most of your privileges with the children who are looking to you for love and guidance. For there is, after all, no great difference between the generations; the problems of today and tomorrow must be met in much the same way as those of today.".....OUCH.  This must become my guiding star for the time I have left with my mother! I have so much more to learn...I have so much I need to do differently....I have to be more to my daughters....for they may someday read this and get "a longing unutterable" which fills their hearts.


  1. What a great post! Your Mom is beautiful!
    Happy belated Mother's Day to you by the way!

    (Tell Mari I LOVE Laura Ingalls and I still watch the shows when I can catch them and have read some of the books too!)

  2. That's a great post Suzanne!!

  3. what beauty in your post. how lucky are we who can be both mother and child at the same time. truly. I know many who aren't, who have lost their mother already. I too have so much more to learn from my mother. yes, we better get crackin' -- and learn all that we can before uit is too late. You and your mother are beautiful. I loved your post.

  4. beautiful post! I have the whole series of little house books! love them!