Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Minute Tradition

Our family is big on 'traditions'!! It gives us all a sense of security and satisfaction to spend our time together when we revive the tradition. Some are weekly, like our Thursday Family Dinner night. Some are annual, like the major holidays while some are the rodeo! Today's post is about one of the annuals that some (one) person thinks should rate as a MAJOR holiday.

Ahhhh, springtime is upon us and in rolls the first Saturday in May.....roses, silks, buglers, group singing of My Old Kentucky Home AND HORSES! The Kentucky Derby has grown to become one of our sacred holidays after the arrival of a certain Guatemalan preemie who is well noted for her equine fanaticism. Crisis this year!!!!!! The traditional gathering with snacks and homemade betting cards was in jeopardy. The annual ride on the over sized stuffed horse screaming her heart out for the favorite entry was not looking like a go?!?! (Besides the fact that she is now too large for the stuffed mount!) How could we have the traditional gathering without Auntie Peggy?????????? 

That darn hospital she works at just doesn't get the importance of traditions! They went and revised the whole unit into 12 hour shifts and Auntie Peggy was scheduled to work 7A-7P....the gall of them, really!

Traditions are just too important! This years Derby party was just moved to the nurse's lounge at the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie and niece in their matching scrubs. Julia's is heading to Deirdre today as it was IMPOSSIBLE to get down over her head! Got to find some more racing themed fabric before the Belmont and the Preakness...and then there's the Arlington season coming soon as well!

BFF/Cousin Deirdre was an ever so obliging substitute for the toy mount. 

Okay, so maybe I'm a little enthusiastic about this tradition as well!

We'll be working on this whole wagering thing before Arlington is up and running (bad pun sorry!) since for the fourth year in a row Julia has picked the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She uses a very scientific (aka intuitive) system of the name with a side of looks and a dash of silks to make her concept of handicapping what so ever....but heck, it seems to work well for her! BTW, she picked the second place winner too! Here I was thinking I had done well with my 3rd and 4th place the horse whisperer I guess!


  1. I think you better take her to the real track again and place money on those bets! I have to say I have yet to ever go to a race, I have been tot he track to look at the Thoroughbreds for sale as possible even horses for me, but becasue of the way they are treated and ran I refuse to go. Glad you all had a fabulous day and managed to still have everyone together!

  2. Love the matching shirts!
    We went to our first Derby party and had a blast! They had mint gulips and Hot Brown sandwiches! yummy!

  3. oooh, I love the scrubs. so awesome. we watched the derby too. it sure was muddy this year.