Monday, May 24, 2010

New Year New Song!

Last year I was whimpering and whining about the awful spring weather we were having here in the Chicago area. This year....not so much!!! Today we were well into the nineties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weekend was so gorgeous that Auntie Peggy decided to give a lonely Julia some quality one on one time at Brookfield Zoo. Lonely? Well her most dependable playmate has begun to stretch her middle school wings and was off at the movies with friends while her second most dependable playmate had a dance competition! Not feeling particularly guilty about leaving Mari and Deirdre behind, Julia popped into Auntie Peggy's car and left in a heart beat.

There was cool starfish to see.

 Saw the California Condors open their wings completely for the first time ever!

Saw the lions acting A LOT like Mom and Dad do on hot days.

Went to the newly opened Bear Grotto and saw the polar bears cooling off!

Posed on a few statues around the park.

Took some pictures of Mom's favorite animal so she could see what she 
had missed!

Took more pictures of her favorite animal....but of course!

Then closed out the day with a trip around the carousal!!

Only 4 1/2 days left of school until the 'real' summer vacation begins. At this rate the summer weather looks like it plans on joining us for summer vacation!

P.S. Speaking of stretching her middle school wings.....

Alyssa gleefully showing off her new HEELS!! 8th grade dance was on the past Friday and graduation this Friday meant time to get dressed up! She was lovin' her new found 'height' (:

Me and Mini-Me on dance night!


  1. Wow! You guys go from one extreme to the other in weather!
    Great pictures of the zoo trip!

  2. geez not that I want 90's but had frost warnings this whole week, thats not fun when youhave your garden to cover or get up every 30 minutes to spray it off. I lvoe the one and one with someone other then mom, I'm sure she had the greatest time!

  3. we will have to go to the Brookfield Zoo this summer. we haven't gone with Flower. We did go to the milwaukee zoo and it was great fun last year. This year, Brookfield for sure. great pics. and those are some heels!