Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reasonable suspicion......

While taking advantage of today's gorgeous sunny weather by taking pictures

of some new items to list on my Etsy site I noticed something.

There in amongst my fading tulip stems and burgeoning day lily beds I noticed a plant that looked very 'foreign'. This plant was clearly not like the 'real' flowers in my garden! The spikey, hairy leaves looked like those weeds that sneak across my border edging and ruin my beautiful garden. I'm sure those egg shaped pods are filled with loads of little seeds just waiting to crowd my flower beds and steal all the fertilizer and water!

See!! Obviously I can say there is 'reasonable suspicion' that this weed snuck into my garden and I now need to pull it up and throw it out before those pods open up and drop their seeds!!! Only 'real' flowers are welcome in my garden!!! I guess this flower didn't sneak into my garden after all? But how was I to know if it had snuck in or was given permission to be here? I  mean one could reasonably assume.....

These precious flowers did not sneak in either!!!! Guess you can surmise that the Mahoney Family will not be traveling to Arizona anytime soon....


  1. Cute outfits!

    There is ALOT of talk over here where I live about Arizona. You know where I'm at and you can't leave town without going through a border patrol station.

  2. what a lovely photo of your girls! I'm not sure what that plant is. the flower is beautiful!

  3. I tell you poppies will spread like crazy and drop a million seeds. My mom loves them and they have taken over her gigantic garden, I on teh other hand think they look like weeds until the bloom, then the bee's love them, but do now want any up here on my property. Love those dresses that would have been Maya's thing last year, it was all about monkeys and george.