Monday, May 17, 2010


Been "in a mood" of late. Read somewhere, a long time ago, that a true Irishman "has days of despair punctuated by seconds of joy". Now, since I'm like 3rd or 4th generation Irish, my "days of despair" are quite diluted and would be more like the American malaise of STRESS.  Just when I was getting ready to crank my own 'pity party' up a decibel or two I read a blog post that corked my bottle of whine! That post pushed my "mood" aside so the joy can come flooding back.

So what was in that blog post? A simple reminder of why I was hooked by the blogging bug. I have gotten 'distracted' of late trying to only post 'interesting' posts.... but that misses the point! This blog is the one true spot where all of the news and milestones of my daughter's lives are recorded. Their lives are not always 'fascinating' for the anonymous reader but they are extremely 'fascinating' to me!  It is also VERY 'fascinating' to them on the days that they decide to click on the older posts link and relive the moments of their past that had faded in their memories. So dear readers, I'm off to download more pictures so I can get back to the business of putting my daughters' memories down on this blog. I hope you will choose to continue on our journey with us ...but will understand if the posts are too boring to keep you on board.


  1. I've been looking for you to post! I really enjoy your posts and pics. it gives me a glimpse into your lives, and a look at what I can maybe expect in a couple years with my own daughter. Plus, I absolutely love an irishman! and we're the same age too. :)

  2. I love it. I normally post pictures because I love the photography end of it, but next I will post form our week out of town again and like you said if it bores people oh well its for us anyway.