Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nesting Birds?

Today was just one of those glorious spring days of which poets wax ecstatic! In a future post I will cover the big family Cinco de Mayo dinner party but this post is all about nature.

Before I had even taken the last tortilla from the burner, Andrew and Julia had finished their tacos and were begging to be excused so they could get out in the good weather. Before I had loaded my tortilla, Andrew was running back in hollering for me to come and bring my camera!

Cousin Andrew is teasingly referred to as "half monkey" since he fearlessly climbs anything, 

any where and today was the day he decided he needed an apprentice!

Julia has only ever dabbled in tree climbing before but today she 'took flight' and kept going up....

and up.....

and up!!!!!

Mairead and Mari were less than impressed.

Okay, Mairead was only being kept on terra firma by the flip-flops she was wearing...once she borrowed my shoes she was among the branches as well! Mari is not my adventurous child. Feet firm on the ground for her!

Patrick hovered protectively with many protestations but I assured him that I had survived a tree climbing childhood just fine so Julia stayed in her nest as long as she could.

So while they flitted among the branches I went around a caught a few images of the annual signs of spring.....apologies to all my blogging photographer friends as I am deficient in camera skills!!

day three and the garden is still 'alive' (: 


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  2. thats awesome tree climbing!!!!! looks like fun to me! I am envious of your nice weather, I had to get up at 4:30am and then again at 5:30am to spray everything thats up in the garden because it was freakin 26 degree's it suppose to improve but honestly what happend to our shorts, tanktops and sunscreen.

  3. wow, they've definitely got the climbing down pat. kind of scary i'd say. Love your flowers -- our irises aren't blooming yet, well one iwhite one is, the other irises are taking their time. Love those white opnes -- i think those are called Mary's gloves or Mary's slippers, after our lady! O ordered a mary statue and can't wait till it comes so i can start our Mary garden. your garden looks like it has room enough for a Mary statue!! :)

  4. Great tree to climb in!!! I use to be the same way!
    Beautiful flowers and I bet you garden will be awesome!