Sunday, May 30, 2010

Twice in One Day!!!

See?!?! Told you I'd find time to catch up with my backed up posts! Here I go for the second time in the same day.

Now this post is a fairly brief post...but mighty in content! Alyssa graduated!!!!!!

First things first. The yearbook was issued to the eighth graders a whole week earlier than the rest of the school....

and my little miss just couldn't wait! Poor Alyssa had to try and see past that big mass of black hair. Mari is thrilled to have made it in FOUR of the candid picture displays. Alyssa is just gloating that the eighth graders photos get to be in color.

Alyssa looking all grown up in her graduation dress!

Which spent the rest of the night being covered by the stylish blue graduates gown.

Grandma was up to the event and lasted right through the night!

Program was a tolerable length with a cute video tribute to the class of 2010. Julia was ready to go as soon as Alyssa received her diploma though (:

Godmother Peggy was beyond proud of how lovely a teen Alyssa has become. We all are very proud! Have fun in high school Alyssa!!!!


  1. Beautiful graduate. lovely dress and what a special day!

  2. wonderful, I am with julia thats alot of sitting!