Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Golden Birthday!

So it has been brought to my attention that I've been sorely lacking in pictures of people in my posts of late! Guess I better get back to "basics" it was described to me by the young, hates to be in pictures herself person who felt compelled to bring this neglectful behavior to my attention. {Was that a big enough hint???}

Work, both in and out of the home is keeping me pretty busy this week so I'm going to try and push out a couple of posts in a row so I don't get too back logged. This opening post in the series is brought to you courtesy of another Golden Birthday lady in the family!!

Cousin Mairead is our Valentine's baby who went, and when our heads were turned, grew up on us!!!

The cousin who was Mari's closest friend and biggest competitor! I caused many a milestone to be met with a simple sentence, "But Mairead already does it!" 

Now she is a lovely young lady who turned FOURTEEN on February 14th!!

A lovely flautist who even played accompaniment to the rousing rendition of Happy Birthday...

and graciously opened her gifts...

while the 'gayles' [as Andrew used to call the trio when they were younger] were right at her feet!

The red velvet custom continued again this year [don't think she'll ever tire of it frankly!!] ...

but the Grammy Awards were on so the party moved to the couch. Sigh, gone are the days of bouncy house head bangs and soggy cake swim parties! Father time marches on and our 'young gang' are 
ALL teenagers now!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mairead!!!! What a gorgeous baby you were and now your a beautiful young lady!!!

  2. happy birthday! I suppose they can't enjoy those fun parties forever, too bad.
    you guys really are getting full of teenagers.