Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sewing up some loose ends!

Remember a post waaaaaaay back in December when I hinted that I was lured into a sewing project? Well these many weeks later I can finally tie the loose threads on that promise of a future post!

My sister-in-law, her daughter, and several of her granddaughters descended on my house for a day to make a big push on a batch of costumes needed for a quickly approaching dance competition. While the little ones ran around like maniacs and played with abandon we cut and sewed.

The eldest granddaughter was put to work in the family tradition of costume making as it was her dance team that was in need of the new 'look'. 

Meanwhile the little ones decided to abandon the dolls and computers for a "day at the spa"...also know as my whirlpool tub!

We cut and sewed...
and did it some more! 18 times over and over and over, in fact!!

At the end of the day there was a good pile of costumes well under way and the finished product.....

AFTER I cleaned up the aftermath of the 'spa day' that is....

was just received by email from my niece who was tickled pink that her team took FIRST place in their 'homemade' costumes!!! Must admit it makes the crazy days and nights of sewing seem less tiring when there is a trophy on the mantle at the end of the day!


  1. wow. congratulations! those costumes are beautiful! love the trim too.

  2. I think the spa day looked like alot more fun! since I can't sew or cut (in a straight line) I am sooooooo impressed with the costumes, they fit and everything.

  3. Great job!!! One of my biggest regrets is not letting my mom teach me how to sew when I was younger.