Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mid-winter blahs...

The weather gave us a bit of a break this week! I took pictures and uploaded them onto my desktop...but have been battling a series of hardware issues. As a matter of fact, I have been also battling a stubbornly persistent case of sciatica. I have not missed one day of work or any other commitment as I stooped and hobbled my way through daily life! Pair a frustrating computer bug with two weeks of sucked up pain and you get....a not so nice Mom Meltdown.

The  cure as diagnosed by my family....

A veeeeeeery early delivery of my surprise birthday present!!!

My present, right?

Those are just from the first night we had it opened and up and running. Since then they have given me my time and space to play with my new toy. Time to firm up some details on my other birthday present which is supposed to help with the cure for Mom Meltdown.....

Ahhhhh, makes a girl giddy at the thought of her birthday when she knows it is going to be spent on Lido Beach!!!!!

The brief break in the weather did give me enough sunlight to get some pictures of my new version of the Guatlinda dress. It's up on my Etsy site finally!!!

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  1. Gorgeous Dress!!!!! our weather is taking a turn, down to 3 degree's at some point this wee, really? its so crazy, we have been warm.
    Cool gift you got, I see you aren't the only one enjoying it ha ha.