Friday, February 11, 2011

FFF- Besitos/Kisses

So when I saw this week's theme I had quite the opposite reaction than I had to last weeks theme! Besitos, the Spanish word for kisses....well not so much. To be clear we are a fairly normal hug and kiss kind of family. We just don't photograph the moment. Seems kind of intrusive...voyeuristic....hard to find just the right word for how I'm trying to explain why I can only think of one picture in which a kiss figured prominently!

After a quick browse I didn't find another one jumping out at me. Knowing full well their reaction I asked the girls about the possibility of a photo shoot to produce pictures for today's theme. "Oh gross!!" and "Are you kidding??" figured prominently in the response......which will also probably be their response when they see the picture I ended up using!!!! Welcome to the tween/teen years....but if you want to see other BESITOS then check out Nora's blog!


  1. I keep thinking how great it is to have a 4 year old. I can make anyone's birthday happy with a homemade card and a 4 year old singing happy birthday. Anything is sweet coming from her, but i know my days are numbered to where I won't have this and she will not want to make a homemade card, and it won't be quite as touching when she sings happy birthday over the phone, etc

    Beautiful picture, they can't think a wedding day kiss is gross, or can they?

  2. oh wow, how lucky I feel to have gotten a glimpse of the bride and groom ! I know you showed us a posed pic before this this one is delightful. love your dress and your hair. :)

  3. You guys look totally caught up in the moment! Love it!

    Enjoy your weekend!