Friday, February 25, 2011

And the winner is....

the VIRUS!!!!

I battled on my own for a while. I walked away for a while. I was distracted for a while.

Last night I heard desperate cries from Mari and ran back into battle! This time I decided to hire mercenaries to aid me in the battle. They wanted a stiff fee for their services with no guarantees of success....

I surrendered.

Sometime later tonight I pick our new computer up from Best Buy. It just was the fiscally responsible option given the Geek Squad's quotes for Diagnosis, Recovery, and External Hard Drive set up [due to our nearly full memory capacity]. Wishing our Income Tax Return didn't always fly back out the door without a proper visit in the interest bearing accounts of our bank!!

At least I'll be able to get back in at my picture files loaded since the last time I made a back up CD!! Then I can catch up with our Springlet week of weather and more family events so I won't have to listen to Mari complain about the lack of pictorial representation of Julia and herself.


  1. Sorry you are already having problems, yes an external hard drive is a must have!!!!!

  2. so sorry to hear about your virus. happy birthday to Mairead too -- love the pics of her.