Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Irish Eyes are Smiling..

Today is February 17th. The weather has broken and our snow banks are turning into giant puddles. Today I saw the first signs of spring....

Tender little shoots pushing their way through the soil. Fragile little tendrils of green still bent from the journey through seed coats and wet peat. A magical moment that lifts the winter weary soul to rejoice in the season to come. That bright golden time when millions of faces sport smiles.

Today is February month from today is St. Patrick's day!!!!!!!!! The shirts are bought, the parade route is set, and the shamrocks are sprouting. It's never too early to prepare for March 17th!


  1. I bought some cute st patricks day stuff last year but can't figure out where I put it, most likely in a tote thats hard to get to.
    well our daffodials are starting to come up but its suppose to be a cold week coming up.
    spring will come............

  2. I love the quote in your picture. yes, we're gearing up here too!!